My name is Aakash Ahuja and I am an actor from Hollywood. Acting is my passion, and I am fortunate enough to be able to do what I love. I have always loved television, video and film which are all things that inspired me to become an actor. I am also a professional psychiatrist. Being a psychiatrist plays a role in my acting because it allows me to get in the mindset of a character. As a psychiatrist, I deal with many different personalities and I come to find inspiration from my profession in the this field. I also enjoy making educational videos on mental health. I am determined to educate people about social and mental health issues through documentaries. I have a desire to lead, educate and entertain,and I use these unique skills in whichever project I embark on.      

I started acting around two years ago , thanks to a talented agent for commercials, television and film. I have worked on shortfilms along with voicing documentaries with some hosting on the side. My films include both short and student films. 

I grew up in Delhi and Mumbai, India so I am versatile enough to work in Bollywood movies. I am professional in both acting and psychiatry, and I am a team player and can work different personalities. I take my acting craft seriously so I am always on time. I know how important it is to have the cameras rollingsince many directors operate under a time crunch.

I received mentoring form acting gurus such as Diana Castle Studios and Ivanna Chubbuck Studios. I have also done cold reading from Annie Grindley and Saxon Trainor. I have the experience, talent and passion to participate on a wide variety of projects. I will work with any genre films, and I have experience in both fiction and non-fiction film making. I live in Los Angeles so I know how the industry works. I visit Mumbai very frequently and can be there if needed within 24 hours.

As an actor, I know what is required of me when it comes to knowing my lines and being on time. My unique experience in psychiatry will give me a leg up on other actors since I know how to provide depth and insight into any character. I know the complex psychology involved, and I will passionately exude my talents on any film setting.