Movie Consulting

Dr.Aakash Ahuja has a multi-dimensional career as an actor and a psychiatrist in los Angeles, California. he is an academic physician who understands the intricacies of human behavior very well. He uses his psychiatric skills to observe life closely and has helped hundreds of patients in Los Angeleswho struggle with depression, anxiety, paranoia, anger and relationship problems.
Aakash as an actor has worked with many script writers and directors and have given them insight into script writing and scene setup on many occasionsespecially related to acts, or characters who have psychiatric or mental health issues.
Aakash has been called in court many times as an expert psychiatrist witness in court to testify and has used that experience to help the script writers.
Aakash uses his growing up in India and studying in USA to the fullest and can help to incorporate spirituality to modern day psychiatry when helping script writing. He is proud member of SAG-AFTRA

Awakening the Mind

The Psychiatrist side of me to pay back the community: is my site devoted to spreading awareness about mental health problems and urging people to get the necessary treatment. Many people do not realize that mental health is vital to both emotional and physical health. Mental health can affect stress levels in the body which can translate to physical disease in the form of cancer, high blood pressure etc. A person may be is feeling overly stressed because of psychiatric problems. This is a non-profit site that is dedicated to helping people.